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Our Approach To Selling Your Home

Our team consistently gets top-dollar for our listings with our “no stone left unturned” approach to the preparation and marketing of our clients’ properties. It can be argued that a home in any condition will sell in this unbalanced market where demand far outstrips supply, but sellers are leaving money on the table without thoughtful preparation and strategic marketing.

Below is a summary of our approach, but please contact us to schedule a no obligation meeting, where we’d be happy to discuss this with you in detail.

Strategic Initial Visit

When we visit a clients’ home for the first time, we’re looking for three things:
  1. What to Market:
    Every home has features that will appeal to prospective buyers and we can’t assume those things will be obvious. We spend a great deal of time and energy highlighting and showcasing the best that a property has to offer.  Whether it be a south-facing yard, vaulted ceilings, an updated kitchen, or an expansive primary suite – we make those areas of a home shine and ensure they are  front-and-center in all of our marketing.
  2. What to Correct/Improve:
    Every home also has features that may reduce its value if ignored. That’s when we “play defense” – by proactively minimizing any potential perceived negatives. For example: If a particular window has a view of the house next door’s window, making the home feel like it lacks privacy, we will screen it with strategically placed landscaping. If a home lacks natural light, we remove window coverings, clean windows inside and out, prune trees and even add a sun tunnel or skylight if the economics make sense. This is a critical step many agents miss that really sets our listings apart.
  3. What to Disclose:
    One of the most common causes for litigation in a real estate transaction is a claim against the seller for nondisclosure. We strive to protect our sellers by advising them on material items that should be disclosed.

Thorough Preparation (Managed by Us)
Once we’ve agreed on what preparation will net the highest return on investment while meeting budget and timing constraints, we get to work. We schedule and provide access for all of our preferred vendors (including the best stager in town) and gather the bids for your final approval. We schedule the work, supervise the progress, sign off on the completion and manage any hiccups along the way. When work is complete, we ensure you receive the invoices in a timely manner, or you have the option of utilizing Compass Concierge, so that you don’t go out-of-pocket for prep expenses. We manage it all so that you can focus on the next phase of your life.

Sophisticated Marketing
People don’t just buy properties with their brains – they buy them with their hearts. Which is why high quality presentation is so important and a top priority for our listings. The most stunning $20 MM luxury estate can be cheapened by poor quality photography and undervalued by an unprofessional description. The same is true for a $500,000 condo. That’s why we use top-quality professional photography, videography, 3D walkthroughs and copywriting for all of our listings. There is no sliding scale for the quality of our marketing based on price point.

Expert Negotiations
When it comes to offer day, we are also highly skilled negotiators, and work hard to get our clients the very best price and terms for their home. Some people take this for granted in a strong sellers market, but handling the multiple offer situation strategically can net our sellers tens of thousands of dollars more than if handled complacently.