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In 1944, portions of Sunnyvale was owned by Lup Ynigo, one of the few native Americans to hold land grants at the time. In 1950, Martin Murphy Jr. came from New England and purchased a piece of “Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas” for $12,500. With his new land, Murphy Jr. built a New England-style house and became the first resident in Santa Clara County to have a wood-frame home. His house was later reconstructed and is known today as the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum.

Sunnyvale was once a haven for wheat farming, however due to rising property taxes throughout the 1870s, Sunnyvale saw a surge in fruit and vegetable orchards. With the invention of the refrigerated rail car, Sunnyvale’s fruit agriculture became a major industry in the late 1890s. In fact, Sunnyvale became so popular for its fruit orchards that it became known as “The Garden of the World.”

During World War II, Sunnyvale’s economy changed from fruit industry to high-technology and in the 1950s, its fruit orchards were cleared for residential subdivisions, factories, and offices. Sunnyvale has since been home to companies like Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google, and Walmart Labs.

Bordered by San Jose to the north, Moffett Federal Airfield to the northwest, Mountain View to the northwest, and Los Altos to the southwest, Sunnyvale has 476 acres of parks including Los Palmas Park and Washington Park.

We love Sunnyvale for its central location amid many high tech campuses, down-to-earth sense of community, up-and-coming downtown area, and history of orchard farming, which is still evident by almost every yard featuring at least one mature fruit-bearing tree.

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